Your donation will help us to transform lives through creativity.

From older people in care, to people experiencing mental distress, to the brothers and sisters of disabled children, your donation will help the people in Cornwall who need it the most.

The following is an account from Laura, who had slipped into a deep depression lasting four years before she began taking part in one of our projects:

“Before I started the arts programme I was in a big black hole, I felt insecure, isolated and lost.  I spent a lot of time walking alone, sitting on the cliff contemplating jumping.  I was visiting my surgery receiving medication, having counselling and off-loading that way, but the problem was escalating.

I began attending an Arts for Cancer Cornwall painting and drawing group based outdoors. I felt out of my depth initially but I bonded with another lady who was also terrified. Each week I gradually made more connections with people. Kate, the artist said to me, “Remember, you can’t do anything wrong” and this was a real turning point for me.

I felt I belonged, I had a purpose again. It opened up a whole new world, I didn’t know that I could be creative, could draw and it was all hidden inside me. I have learned to be sociable again, and have formed an unbreakable bond with many people from this original group. If it wasn’t for the art groups I wouldn’t be here!

My self-esteem and self-worth have come back. The whole experience for me has been 100% life-changing; I am not the person I was before starting.”