A lot of our work is about demonstrating the ways in which the arts and creativity improve people’s health and wellbeing.  We therefore evaluate all of our projects in order to share our findings about what worked well, how people benefited from the project, how different art forms may be beneficial in different ways and any areas that didn’t work so well.

Some of these project evaluations are available to download below:

Create Space
This project worked with a small group of NHS staff who had been off work on long term sick leave.

Dance Project in Redannick Care Home
This evaluation notes the effects of a local dance group rehearsing in a residential care setting.

Arts in Primary Care
Our Arts in Primary Care project worked with 8 GP surgeries across Cornwall, who each had an artist in residence for a year long period.  The evaluation of this project was carried out by the Cornwall Health Research Unit.

Arts and Older People Project
This evaluation was again carried out by the Cornwall Health Research Unit, and examines a stage of our Arts and Older People project.

Siblings of Disabled Children 2010-11 Evaluation
This is an evaluation of our ongoing work with the Siblings of Disabled Children.

Arts for Stroke Rehabilitation Evaluation
This project was based on the Stroke Ward of the Redruth and Camborne Community Hospital between April 2009 and March 2010.