By volunteering some of your time to work with us, your unique skills and experiences can help to enrich the lives of people in Cornwall through the arts. As a small organisation, receiving input from volunteers benefits us enormously and a little of your time goes a long way.

Volunteers can help us in a number of ways:

Volunteering for a specific event
Volunteers have supported us at a wide range of events from community health awareness days to conferences and creative consultations. We usually attend these events to showcase how the arts and creativity improve people’s wellbeing and often run a creative activity of some kind with support from volunteers.

Office based volunteering
Helping out in our office is a great way to give your time effectively. Our friendly team of staff will make you welcome and show you the ropes! There are all sorts of areas that volunteers have helped us with in the past, from general admin to sorting our resource library to writing press releases to editing films… whatever your skills, we will find a role that will make the most of your time with us.

Work placements
If you have a block of time (usually 3 to 6 weeks) then a work placement with us can be a great way to boost your employability, gain valuable experience and help make a difference to people’s lives all at the same time. We offer a limited number of work placements each year, and can accommodate college and university placements. For more information please contact us.

Project based volunteering
There are opportunities to volunteer on our projects around the county. You will usually be supporting a creative practitioner but occasionally projects are led entirely by volunteers. For some of the projects creative experience is required but for many we are looking for volunteers with good people skills and a friendly smile! Volunteering on our projects often requires a more regular commitment than volunteering for one-off events.

Volunteering for our partner organisations
We can also link volunteers to some of our partner organisations (such as care settings) who would benefit from a volunteer’s input. From time to time we are also approached by other organisations who are looking for a creative volunteer to assist them.