Arts for Cancer is one of the UK’s leading arts and health organisations. We exist to improve health and well-being through creativity.

Research shows that taking part in creative activities can greatly benefit people’s physical, emotional and mental health. We organise creative projects across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly that aim to do just that.

Our projects are led by trained and experienced creative practitioners who share their art-forms with all sorts of people to positively impact on their lives.   We’ve won two national awards for the way we plan, run and learn from our projects, but we always aim to learn more and help more people to be happier and healthier through getting creative.

We’re interested in all sorts of art-forms including music, dance, design, crafts, visual arts, theatre, writing and singing. Different art-forms affect health and well-being in different ways, so we carefully plan each project to suit the particular needs, hopes and wishes of the group of the people involved.

We work closely with Health and Social Care settings to bring creativity into the lives of the people that use their services.  We also use the arts to change health care buildings; creating more inviting and relaxing environments for the people that use them.